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It can become overwhelming at times to choose the most suitable software or hosted service solution for your mission. We’ve short-listed a few solutions our customers have found helpful. Let us know what you think in the comments below. And remember, our digital team can assist in the set-up and user experience of all these products for your organisation.

Church Management Systems

Bastion (Recommended)

Organisations succeed from the top down. Get your governance right, manage your high-level strategy discerningly and you will make an impact for years to come. 

Bastion have made managing your church’s governance and administration systems easy, effective and highly affordable. VMH highly recommend Bastion for churches both large and small. Contact Bastion and quote VIPMission to take advantage of further benefits.

Charity Member Management (CRM)

This is the most asked question we get from customers. “What CRM do you recommend?” 

There are just so many variables and alternatives. Consider hosted SaaS solutions like Wild Apricot Member Management and ASI’s IMIS ‘engagement management systems’ (EMS). There’s third-party plugin systems like CiviCRM. You could also choose to keep control of your data using software like X2CRM – an open-source, self-hosted CRM framework you can customise and manage yourself. We’ve used and tried them all. We’ll compile a list of CRMs Aussie charities recommend in the coming months. Leave your recommendations in the comments below.


We just can’t ignore the most powerful free customer relationship manager (CRM) tool on the market – HubSpot. Of course, you get a cut down version of the full product but boy what you get is more than enough for most serious NFP and ministries. And its free forever! 

Whether you have a small or sophisticated team with hundreds HubSpot is built for organisations that want to spend less time logging data. It keeps all your contacts in one centralized, customizable database. And you can see everything about a lead in one place – no more digging through inboxes to find information.

Giving Platforms

For Charities

Generous for Charities

We are serious fans of Heartburst’s Generous for Charities giving platform.

If you want to increase donor sentiment, save time and costs on receipting, contacting and managing donors and spend more time focusing on your mission then Generous Charity is for you.

The stand-out are their plan prices compared to others. With a free-to-get-going plan for small charities and a “one-with-the-lot” with ultra-lean fees for large charities.

See the full article here.

For Churches

If you want a little more than direct deposit (which is almost good enough!) you just can’t go past 

They are the biggest “next” player past PushPay out of the USA with a suite of products. have recently acquired Elvanto church management system and integrate a suite of related online church products including, Messaging members, Giving App, Church Management System ChMS and Sermon & Prayer apps.


Other Recommended Giving Platforms

For Charities

GiveNow – is an online tool for orgs, donors and social fundraisers. You and your team can seamlessly manage your fundraising through your OrgHQ account. Check out their fees ~6%+

GiveEasy – Varies by plan (None to $199 per month) plus transactions fees 5.5% for free to 3.5% for the biggest plan

Benojo – a powerful product for charities seeking $0 fees – but with limitations.

For Churches

PushPay – the “league” leaders have a very stable product and many of the biggest churches across Australia and the USA. Not recommended for churches under 500 as fees and charges become quite prohibitive.

They have recently added Church Community Builder ChMS system to their offering.

Learning Management Systems

AXX Global (Recommended)

For churches or church agencies looking to deliver private or open subscriber based training VMH recommend talking with the team from AXX Global

Axx.Global is an online SAAS training platform for churches to provide effective bible-based ministry training and leadership programs that are trusted and accessible globally for pastors, leaders and disciples. Talk to Brendan Roach about your ChLMS needs.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Your website’s content management system will become your most used online mission tool.

While there are many good options like Drupal, Joomla, WIX, Squarespace, church website management CMS’s like Fluro and charity tools like Nation Builder we highly recommend you consider WordPress as a comprehensive and lasting solution. Here’s why.


WordPress is the most popular and supported content management system (CMS) in the world.

It started life as a blogging management tool but quickly became known as a powerful tool for creating beautiful websites. Despite originally having some criticism by some in the development world regarding security WordPress now commands hundred of thousands developers attending to its framework and importantly its plugins.

Reasons we rate WordPress for your Charity/Church or business.

  • Massive development community
  • Rapid bug fixes
  • Attention to security
  • Overwhelming cost benefit
  • Plugins & integrations
  • Theme development
  • Cost
  • Ease of use
  • Shelf life
  • Manageable, multi-site, multi-language system

Alternative CMSs

Why not consider the following alternative content management systems. 


  • Nation Builder – A fit for purpose solution for mission agencies, political and advocacy organisations
  • Kentico – A robust custom CMS many charities use


  • Fluro – A great Church Management System that has a website builder included
  • eCatholic – Roman Catholic church management system from the USA but used in Australia

Let us know what you think…

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  • Agreed with LearnDASH as a great LMS but requires a fair bit of work to manage. We’re just looking for a ready made solution so we can get on with our training. Thanks for the AXX global recommendation will follow them up.

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