Stop Dreaming. Start Building.

Like you, we love to dream. But far more, we love seeing churches, charities and value-driven businesses discover the power of launching their mission online. We can help you start-out, re-brand, or even take-over the world! Your dream is our passion. Don’t delay, start building today.

Digital Design.

We Build Beautiful Websites

We love web design. Whether an entry level website or a serious contender we take meticulous care in the finished build of our customers sites.

Quality Design Elements

We can help you with your re-brand, logo, photography, video and design elements. These don’t always come cheap because we only use the best professionals who share our passion.

Experienced Coding Solutions

We’ve been developing internet based software since the mid 1990’s. While we focus our development on CMS related end-user outcomes we’re happy to engage our partners for your heavier hitting projects.

Serving Your Software

Safeguarding your website data, backups, domains, Apps, CMS and WordPress websites is a priority for us. We can even provide managed servers and VPS solutions for you individual mission needs.

Class Copy Writing

Turn your website prose upside down with our copy writing service from Bob Drane. Bob is a world class writer winning countless awards in Australia for his work.  He is passionate about Aussie churches and charities.

We Love WordPress

We’ve enjoyed many content management systems (CMS’s) over the years but now fully love WordPress for mission! The fit-for-purpose v cost case has changed! Churches and charities are wise to value the power of WordPress.

Evangelism in Australia

Christian Evangelist Dr. Tina Waldrom’s Evangelism in Australia blog website was created in WordPress with Podcasts, downloads, articles and Mailchimp subscriptions.

Genesis Church

Genesis Church is a multi-campus church in the Goldfields District of country Victoria. Their requirements included event and facilities management, prayer and member communications integrated with Elvanto Church Management System (ChMS).

X-Huddle Australia

ID Sports Australia champion an emerging peer network of high performance athletes across Australia. Their requirements included subscriptions, downloads and Campaign Monitor management.

Start building your dream today

Talk to us about a price and solution to fit your budget

Digital Marketing.

Understanding marketing and communications in the Charity and Church sector is a specialty of VIP Mission Hosting.

NFP’s rarely take advantage of the opportunities to market well online. It’s not out of reach. Talk to us today about our digital marketing services.

Marketing Smarts

Invest in marketing your online presence. You will be surprised a little goes a long way! We know that when you target your market with the right words, images, stories and systems you will increase donations, interest, sales, attendance and impact.

Your Story is Your Brand

Do you communicate your story well? Is your website copy outstanding? Are your landing pages effectively generating donations? Our digital marketing team can help you with your current story or help you re-write your narrative.

Ad Grants

Charities and Churches rarely take advantage of the ad grants available to them through Google and other social media providers. A not-for-profit in Australia can receive a $120,000 – $240,000 ad grant per year from Google.

Communications Strategies

How well are you taking advantage of social media to reach your audience? Are your landing pages effectively generating leads? What software services can you take advantage for best return? Let us help you make the right turns.

Build your dream today.